Here we will keep an updated list of what sorts of analysis-type plots you can make through the Houdini interface.

Volume Slice

To inspect volume data more closely, one may use a Volume Slice node. Press TAB to pull up the TAB Menu in the Network View window, type “volume slice”, and press ENTER to select. Connect the output of the volume node, to the input of the volume slice node. Click on the center of the volume slice node to select it. This will outline the node in yellow. Then, click on the right-most end of the volume slice node, to toggle the display flag. This will turn the right side blue. It will also display a slice through the volume in the Scene View window:

The plane axis, plane offset, data attribute name, and data range can be changed in the Parameter window. To inspect the data values, with the volume slice node selected, switch to the Geometry Spreadsheet tab. The last column(s) will display the data values:

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