CATS in Houdini

The Catalogue for Astrophysical Turbulence Simulations (CATS) is a collection of magnetohydrodynamical simulations in an effort to understand gas and stars in star forming regions in the galaxy. As part of the paper due out soon, ytini is used to demonstrate how to render images of this data.

Here we briefly describe the Python SOP constructed for this purpose and refer the reader to the basic Render and Image, Python SOP, and Shaders tutorials for deep dives into these topics.


You can get a pre-prepared HIP file with the appropriate Python SOP - "isolatedvolume_shader_CATS.hipnc" - included at the download files page.

To use, simply add it within a geo-node in the Network View and navigate to PythonFITS1 to point to the appropriate file:


The code is a slightly modified version of that in the basic Python SOP tutorial, and also uses yt to read and format the data: